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1)	Do I need to pay any processing fee? A.)	We charge a minimal processing fee of $10 on all our ser

  • Q) Do you maintain our details confidentially?
  • A.) We pay utmost priority to privacy of our clients. Your details are totally safe and secure with us. We utilize them only if they are required for official purpose involved in your requested service.

  • Q) Do you share our details with third parties?
  • A.) We weaved our origination with trust and confidentiality. We treat our client details as our intellectual property. We neither share nor tolerate any form of intrusion into our client data.

  • Q) Do I need to pay any processing fee?
  •  A.) We charge a minimal processing fee of $10 on all our services. 

  • Q) Is the processing fee inclusive in the total service fee? 
  • A.) Yes! The processing fee is inclusive of our total service fee. 

  • Q) Can I transfer processing fee to other listed service? 
  • A.) Yes you can but within a short time frame of 4 business hours / before we initiate working on your service. (Whichever is earlier) .

  • Q) What is your general turn over time (TAT)?
  •  A.) We draw in all our efforts to serve you to the earliest and respond to your requests within 8 business hours (IST). 

  • Q) How much time do you take to accomplish your service?
  •  A.) As our services are varied and in multiple domains, our service level agreement (SLA) varies from service to service.  

  • Q) Do you provide documentary proofs for your engaged services? 
  • A.) We follow a highly transparent mechanism in our service & transaction cycle, Each and every service will be invoiced and all your transactions will be acknowledged through an e-mail.
  • Q) Do I need to submit any documents from my end? 
  • A.) We will request you to submit a copy of your relevant documents as and when required for certain services.

  • Q) Do you cover any plumbing or electrical needs under your property maintenance service? 
  • A.) Yes! We are tied up with experienced plumbers & electricians to serve your needs. However incurred charges (Labor cost + any spare expense) should be borne by you.

  • Q) Do you accompany our dependents during travel within India or during any pilgrimage? 
  • A.) Yes, we assign you our person during travel or any pilgrimage within India. However incurred expenses plus service charge should be borne by you. 

  • Q) Do you take care of monthly supplies for our dependents?
  •  A.) Yes we do take care of your grocery needs and medical needs back home in India, However incase of medicines we will transact only if you have a valid doctor’s prescription. 

  • Q)  Do you maintain any quality standards for supplies? 
  • A.) We give utmost priority to quality and procure only from large font and trusted channels.

  • Q) Do I get any referral bonus? 
  • A.) On every successful referral, You will get a $5 worth (in INR) gift voucher valid on www.adnigam.com for purchasing groceries.